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Wet and Dry Riser

Armstrong Priestley design and install dry and wet riser systems and private fire hydrants which conform to BS 9990:2015 – Non-automatic fire fighting systems.

Dry risers are normally installed into high rise buildings which are above 18m in height and less than 50m and allow for water to be distributed in a building for fire fighting purposes. The system comprises of a breeching inlet box at the service level and a vertical pipe with landing valves at each floor level which are located in the fire fighting shaft or escape stairs.  The fire service can then pump water into the dry riser at the service level and draw off at any of the landing valves.

A Wet riser system is required where the height of the building exceeds 50m in height. In this type of system, the water supply will comprise of two interconnected tanks which will feed both a duty and standby pumps.  To comply with BS 9990:2015 the system must be capable of supplying 750 L/min at two landing valves at a pressure of 8.0 bar

Private fire hydrants are often required on large complex sites such as industrial sites or shopping complexes.  The water supply can be provided by a town’s main connection (if this is adequate) or from an independent supply consisting of water storage tank and pumps sets.   The water supply feeds the underground pipework and the water is distributed to a number of underground type II fire hydrants or pillar hydrants.

The above is only a short introduction into non-automatic fire fighting systems such as wet, dry and private fire hydrants systems. Armstrong Priestley have many years experience in their design and installation and will be able help you with your project.

We can of course also provide you will a full service package for any wet & dry riser systems or private fire hydrant systems.

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