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Water mist systems have been used for over 20 years in marine and specialised industrial applications and is now recognised as an alternative to a fire sprinkler system for some applications.

Water mist systems generally use less water but at a much high pressure, this can reduce the overall water storage requirements and pipe sizes can be smaller. Water mist systems work by delivering smaller water droplets which can evaporate quickly and in doing so adsorbs heat and produce steam vapour which reduces the oxygen concentration. Systems can be designed in the UK to BS 8458 for residential & domestic premises or BS 8489-1 (draft) for industrial & commercial applications.

Armstrong Priestley are one of only four UK distributors for the EconAqua water mist system. The EconAqua system is a low pressure water mist extinguishing system based on sprinkler technology which was approved by VdS after the system successfully passed a number of full-scale fire tests. It can be used for Light Hazard, Ordinary Hazard Group I risks and for the protection of multi storey car parks.

Armstrong Priestley have undertaken a number of projects which utilises water mist technology which range from hotels, educational and premises.

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