Fire sprinkler protection to Reckitt Benckiser R&D Facility

Armstrong Priestley has been awarded the contract for the new £105m Reckitt Benckiser development. The contract is to design and install a fire protection system across two buildings, one being the new three storey GMP Lab Building and the other being the four storey refurbished KWN Building. The system will be designed to FM standards, with the GMP building designed to Hazard Category 2 risk and the KWN to Hazard Category 1 risk, each floor will have a separate zone running from a total of three valve sets and one pre-action valve set. Protection will also be provided to the Innovation Pathway, the creative hub of this R&D development which links the two buildings together. The system will comprise of two diesel fire pumps drawing water from one 565mtank.

The new Centre for Scientific Excellence in Hull is the largest single investment in the company’s history, which is a major boost for the Yorkshire economy. Once complete, it will be one of Reckitt Benckiser’s biggest healthcare development centres complementing other major R&D facilities around the world. The new centre will fuse together world class science and technology so they can stay ahead of the game and remain leaders in their field.

George Osborne, the Chancellor at the time, welcomed the investment.

“A key part of our long term economic plan is making the UK a world leader in science and innovation, and the new state of the art Centre of Scientific Excellence will help us deliver this, giving greater economic security for hardworking people.”


Reckitt Benckiser Entrance

Reckit Benckiser GMP Building