Sprinkler Installation for Next Distribution

Armstrong Priestley have been awarded a £2.3m contract to install a fire sprinkler installation in to a 58,000 m2 distribution warehouse for Next Distribution at Doncaster.

  • UK’s first warehouse with trailer pod loading system with bespoke developed deluge protection with long throw ELO sprinklers
  • 28,000 sprinkler heads, 40 installation control valves and 50 deluge valves
  • Pre-packaged pump house with 3 x half duty diesel fire pumps drawing water from 2 x half capacity tanks
  • 250mm cement lined ductile iron sprinkler ring main 1.5km effective length
  • Racked storage through 4/5ths of 25m high warehouse and a furniture factory in the remaining 1/5th
  • 3 Story office block 8,500m2 fully protected
  • 200m link bridge with automated pallet product transfer from existing facility to new