An in depth explanation of the design process at Armstrong Priestley.

We at Armstrong Priestley have our own in-house design department with both LPC and Firas fully accredited designers that are able to undertake design to all current standards. With over 40 years’ experience, Armstrong Priestley have accrued a wealth of knowledge unrivalled in our industry, covering all aspects and standards such as:


  • BS EN 12845:2015+A1:2019, CEA 4001 and CEN standards,
  • FM Global and NFPA
  • UFC military standards
  • BS9251 and BS EN 16925 for residential application
  • BS8489 for Water Mist systems
  • BS9990 for fixed non-automatic systems
  • ACE guidance for energy from waste application.


Our design departments experience covers a vast scope of application, covering:


  • Automatic Sprinkler systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Foam Enhanced systems
  • Hi-Expansion Foam systems
  • Hydrant and Wet Riser systems
  • Dry Riser systems
  • Low Pressure Water Mist


Whether it be for Commercial, Industrial, schools, aircraft hangers or even a client bespoke tailored design, we at Armstrong Priestley can serve your requirements.

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