Joseph Rowntree School, York

The Joseph Rowntree School is a 1,200 student mixed comprehensive which has benefited from a 29 million investment under the “Building Schools for the Future” (BSF) programme.

The sprinkler installation was designed in accordance with BS EN 12845 with the additional requirements of RISC Authority Technical Bulletin 221 ‘sprinkler protection of schools and the requirements of Building Bulletin 100 [BB 100] ‘Design for fire safety in schools’. The sprinkler systems enabled the schools to have fire compartments exceeding 800m2, which was the case with the ‘Street’ running through the centre of the school. In addition, the sprinkler installation allowed for extended travel distances and the extensive use of glazing which would not have been possible without the sprinkler installation.

The installation incorporated 1000 sprinkler heads with concealed sprinklers being used in ceilings where only a small white disk is visible, in some other areas where the ceiling void was used as a ventilation plenum quick response flush pendent sprinklers where deployed.

As the sprinkler installation was classified as a ‘life safety system’ it was an integral part of the building’s fire strategy, and required the sprinkler installation to have additional redundancy in the water supply and zoning of the sprinklers. An electric and diesel driven pump set provide the water supply with the water being stored in a 58,000 litre water storage tank, split in two to allow maintenance to the tank without shutting down the sprinkler installation.